Decode Ken Karter Modular Techno Vol.1

Ken Karter Modular Techno Vol.1

Decode Sound and Ken Karter present 

Modular Techno Vol 1.

Ken Karter (Kript Records/ Stroboscopic Artefacts) co-founder of Decode Studio, has created this audio Library, according to his last new Techno projects out soon in the next months. His sound concept, in which harmonies, numbers and mathematical code are melt together to create new languages, is perfectly translated in this library, that is going to be a powerful help for any producers who are influenced by the last trends of the real techno sound.

Decode Pressur Point Micro House Vol. 01

Pressur Point Micro House Vol. 01

Info Artist and Library:

Pressure Point artist and owner of Telharmonic Texture Records is distinguished by mixture of elaborated sounds complex groove compositions randomized fast-paced and a typically deep, melodic sound synthesis.